Mission Statement

My only goal here is to experiment with comics! I want to create art with no restrictions and to just enjoy the process and learn a few things along the way.

I’m starting with golden age public domain comic characters so I can just jump into the comics! Designing characters can be an easy way to get distracted trying to create the “perfect” superhero.

So hopefully I’m solving a few problems with this process and it’s totally an experiment so it might fail or look bad but I just want to make comics for the sake of making comics and I hope you enjoy!

MATURE readers recommended

This comic may not be politically correct and I’m okay with that. If YOU are NOT this is NOT the place for YOU! Everyone is welcome here but be mindful that my audience is me and I’m not perfect. We have to celebrate our differences not make everything bland by mindless censorship. In my opinion that’s why a lot of comics suck today. Also I’m independent and share no affiliations with any groups whatsoever.

If you want to debate freedoms of speech this is not the place for that. Just because you do not like something does not mean it has to be wiped from history because if offends you. This world is not about pleasing you it’s about us as a collective experience. And that may involve some uncomfortable subject matter. All humans are created equal in my eyes but my characters might not share those values. Not only do we need diversity in representation but we need diversity in opinions and are current political climate only sees “black and white.”

Welcome to the “GREY!” 😀

Drew Elbi

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